Noise cancelling headphones

Ninety-two percent noise reduction

IN the universe of numbers there is 3.14...otherwise known as Pi, which is quite possibly the most famous number of all. But let us now introduce you to an even more powerful number: 233621. Remember this number. It represents the highest standard of audio quality excellence as it pertains to headphones.

For example, the 233621 brand of top end, high fidelity headphones utilizes 2nd generation active noise canceling technology which takes advantage of a built-in ambient sensor chip to detect in-ear noise and counters with the perfect amount of anti-noise to deliver a stunning audio performance every time.

Together with superior materials, and once in a century design and comfort, the 233621 brand of headphones, earphones, and headsets articulates a lifelong commitment to better than authentic audio reproduction without fail. Get yours today.

Technical Specification
Frequency Response20Hz-20000Hz
Rating/Maximum Power2mW/5mW
Intelligent Noise Cancellationup to 22dB
Passive Isolationup to 35dB
Jack Type3.5mm RCA
Battery TypeAAA
Battery Lifeabout 50 hours
Product note
Weather-proof but not water-proof. Do not submerge in water.
No USB cable required to charge, as chassis forms USB connector.

Box Contains

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