Sport Bluetooth Headset

Breathtaking audio quality. Unbelievable battery life. Unmistakably beautiful design. With the wireless motivation that lets you focus 110% on your run or workout or lifestyle. A truly extraordinary stereo Bluetooth headset. Brought to you by the health & fitness innovation company, fitTek.

Clarity and articulation. The highest highs and the lowest lows, something you'd expect from audiophile earbuds several times their price. Perfect to supercharge your workouts regardless of whether your music is Mozart or Mos Def.

Form meets function in a chassis built to turn heads as much as to work flawlessly. Combining futuristic materials with aesthetics to wow, be prepared to fall in love with your new headphones.

Traditionally, Bluetooth connectivity places serious drain issues on batteries. To that end, we've developed the technology to go for more than 6 hours of constant use with our headset.

Fittek has an internal Microphone, that you could make phone calls with good voice performance. It also makes you far away from the radiation of Mobile phone. Fittek has a very useful function -- One Key switch. You can swap the headset between Call and Music free.

Q:There's no sound from the headset.

Is the headset on and paired successfully? Is the headset and the other device within 10 meters of each other? If the headset is paired with a cellphone, is the cellphone signal weak? Finally, some cellphones only allow pairing with one headset. Is this the only headset paired?

Q:I tried charging the headset but it still won't turn on.

The headset must be charged at least 10 minutes before the charging indicator operates. What's more, the headset must be charged at least 40 minutes before it can be powered on.

Q:There indicator flashes red and an alarm is sounding.

You've only got 10% battery left or around 30 minutes of usage time.

Q:I am using my cellphone to search for this headset, but I can't find it.

Ensure that the headset is on and in a ready to be paired state as indicated by flashing red and blue lights.

Q:It will easily fall down after I wear it.

This Headset is the behind-the-head design. The length is accord to the industry standard. It would easily fall down for few people, especially during sports training. That's depends on user's head size and ear shape. In this Case, we suggested wearing it as the following style or applying smaller earbuds.

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